Experience group pilates, focusing on matwork for core strength and flexibility, and reformer sessions using the reformer to elevate overall strength and muscle engagement.

Mat Pilates

Experience the foundational pillars of Pilates in our matwork sessions. These classes offer a comprehensive introduction to the essential movements, breathwork, and spinal stability inherent to Pilates.

Our matwork classes enhance core strength, stamina, and control, with targeted exercises designed to boost mobility and core stabilisation. These sessions incorporate resistance props to enrich the workout routine, improving your flexibility and body suppleness. A consistent practice of matwork Pilates fosters improved posture, stronger core, and a healthy back.

Reformer Pilates

Upgrade your strength-training regimen with our Reformer Pilates sessions. Our training sessions on the Reformer introduce a novel dimension to strength training in Pilates.

The Reformer's key feature - its springs, lend support for complex exercises while allowing for muscle isolation and deep muscle work. Our Reformer workout promotes a holistic body approach, engaging large muscle groups for toning and definition.

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