Gabby Bhandari

Pilates, Myofascial & Functional Movement Trainer

Looking to transform your movement and reclaim your body's full potential? Gabby is the trainer you've been searching for.

With over 25 years of experience, Gabby is a 1:1 movement specialist driven by a lifelong passion for helping people move better. Her ever-evolving training background allows her to draw from a wide range of modalities, from Slings Myofascial Training to Functional Patterns and full equipment Pilates (Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel & Chair) to develop your body's ability to move as an integrated, pain-free system.

Whether your goal is improved posture, strength gains, or simply feeling your best day-to-day, Gabby works closely with her clients them to unlock their full potential. Certified by industry leaders like Art of Motion, Functional Patterns, and Body Control Pilates, Gabby is excited to share her expertise and help you achieve the results you deserve.

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