As a dedicated health professional with over 25 years of experience, David Canevaro BSc (Hons) is an Osteopath, Clinical Pilates instructor and Sports Therapist who has helped clients ranging from sedentary individuals, to elite athletes and dancers overcome a variety of health issues.

David trained at world renowned Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute and Polestar Pilates. His sessions focus on building core strength, balance, and body awareness - effectively treating conditions like ankle injuries, tennis elbow, menstrual pain, depression, and neck pain, while also aiding post-injury recovery.

Blending his expertise in Osteopathy and sports massage with innovative Pilates techniques, David has developed a highly effective approach he calls 'Osteolates' - a unique method that combines low-impact exercise with targeted soft tissue manipulation.

Registered with all major UK insurance providers, David possesses extensive practice experience and is adept at working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, his primary source of new clients due to the trust they place in him. Known for his excellent interpersonal skills, David is a trusted partner in helping people achieve a healthier, more resilient body.

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